Want to Return to Sport after a break?

Redbourn Physio have set up a new scheme where you can return to sport or start a new activity with the peace of mind that professional physio and sports massage will provide.  You can also use it to improve your running and or any chosen activity.

get back fit for sport

Our return to sport screening tests and treatment/rehab plans for you to achieve your goals.  It is particularly advantageous if you have had any of the following:

  • An injury
  • Had some time off
  • Started running for the first time
  • Had a baby or an operation
  • A life change like the menopause or illness

Why is this a good approach?

It can be difficult to know if your physically ready for the demands of running (be it a park run, marathon or sprinting). We now have a series of comprehensive tests for all the areas of the body that running uses.

The tests are tailored to your level of running and progressed depending on what you are aiming to achieve.

They look at ranges of movement, muscle strength and endurance as well as balance and power from your core to your feet.

Any injuries, general health and life changes will also be considered within the treatment/ rehab plan.

Common areas that need to be addressed before running or upping your mileage or speed

  • Do you suffer with back, hip or knee pain when you run?
  • Do you have muscular or tendon issues in your Gluts, Quads, ITB, Hamstrings, calves or Achilles?
  • Do you suffer with stress incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse or separation of your abdominal muscles post- partum?
  • Does your running style or foot biomechanics cause you running related symptoms?

After the initial assessment we will make a treatment plan with you to help you achieve your goals.

The Redbourn Physio Back to Sport Plan

  • Good education on your injury or physical state
  • Good lifestyle advice to compliment the plan
  • A comprehensive exercise programme to achieve optimal muscle strength
  • Balance and running style re training if required.
  • Advice on orthotics if required
  • Graded progressive running programme that fits your injury, lifestyle, running profile and goals.

Our motto is fit for sport, fit for life and we are dedicated to helping people live a healthy happy life.

Book your initial assessment and sports package today. (Initial assessment can be taken first with an option to upgrade to the full package.)

Fit for sport package