Sports/Remedial Massage

Our massage therapists are members of the Sports and Remedial Massage Association, which selects its members via an examination process and requires that they work to a very high standard of expertise.

Remedial Massage

Our team of massage therapists works closely alongside the Chartered Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors. Stiff necks and sore shoulders are the symptoms which they treat most. If you are spending long periods of time on your computer or laptop, by the end of the day your shoulders may begin to slump, putting a strain on your neck. Massage can help to reduce these symptoms dramatically, and with some easy to follow exercises you can strengthen your postural muscles, to help prevent re-occurance.

Sports Massage

Many of their clients have deep massage regularly to help maintain their muscles flexibility which allows them to continue to train. Many marathon runners and joggers have problems with their iliotibial band, hamstrings and calf complex. Deep soft tissue massage is a great way to combat this. The piriformis muscle is another well known trouble maker for many sports people. It is a small but very significant muscle. Our massage therapists have had a lot of experience dealing with these muscles, using stretching techniques, along with deep soft tissue work, myofascial release and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET).

Here at Redbourn Physiotherapy Clinic we offer appointment times during the day and evenings. You can usually be seen within 24/48 hours.>