Online Physio FAQs




Even though we can’t physically be with you, we can use technology to be with you virtually. We can gain a lot of information talking to you and watching your body move, to help with all injuries.

Whether you have a new injury or need to review or advance a current problem, we are using video online consultations to support you throughout this period.

For those who can’t access the internet, we can also provide consultations over the phone.


Frequent questions regarding this service are:


Q: How do I book a consultation?

Bookings will operate as normal. Just contact us on 01582 794441 or email and we will book a convenient time, or book on our website.

Q: What technology do I need for a remote video consultation?

Any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone can be used. Just make sure your camera can be moved around if you have to change position. We may also need you to position the camera so that we can see your whole body or at least the relevant area.

We are using Zoom, Facetime or Skype applications. We prefer the online platform Zoom which is a free download for all via This can be downloaded onto your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone on Android or Apple formats. Please make sure you have downloaded the app ahead of your appointment, so you have time to be ready for your consultation. You will receive an email before your consultation containing an invitation which you click on. Please make sure the camera and microphone buttons are switched on. We recommend playing with it beforehand – perhaps contact a friend to practise.

Q: What do I need for my video consultation?

It’s very simple – just a little space in a quiet room. You may need to wear shorts and a vest top, depending on the area of the body to be examined.

Q: How will the remote consultation work?

As normal we will ask a comprehensive set of questions regarding the condition, which may take 10 to 15 minutes. We will then ask you to perform movements and tests to allow us to visually observe your body at rest and during dynamic movement. We will look at how far a joint can move, the quality of the movement and whether any compensations happen at other areas during the movement. We will strategically work through all the necessary tests to find the source and cause of the problem. This may take some time.

Once we have made a diagnosis, we will explain the condition and give you lots of advice. Then we will demonstrate postural fault corrections, along with movements and exercises you can perform at home, to help address the source of the pain and correct any bad movement habits that may contribute to the condition. We can then watch you perform any exercises, etc, to make sure you can perform our recommendations effectively.

Q: We can then schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.

I’m a previous/current patient and wish to see my normal Physiotherapist. Also, what if they become ill?

Our normal Physiotherapy team will be available for phone and online video consultations. If a Physiotherapist is unwell, our other Physiotherapists will be available.