Heading for the ski slopes?

For those of you lucky enough to be looking forward to a second trip to the slopes this season it may be a good time to gain more confidence on the black runs, moguls and even hone your skills for the off-piste.

To ski difficult terrain and variable snow conditions well, you need strong legs, especially in the thigh and buttock area. However, good core strength is also vital.

Getting to the ‘core’ of the issue

Imagine for a moment driving your car on a bumpy track with ruts and pot holes. Without good suspension the car will lurch from side to side, the ride will be very uncomfortable and damage may occur. Now picture yourself skiing down a steep black run full of dips, moguls and churned up snow. Your legs are your suspension; they must be strong and flexible to absorb the uneven ground and help maintain your stability. However, your legs can only work efficiently if you are strong in your middle. Core body strength is essential in helping to keep you in an upright position, enabling the legs to work effectively.

Good body position

Good body position and correct technique when exercising are key factors to achieving success. Your physiotherapist or trainer is the best person to help you achieve this. Do not persist with exercises if in discomfort and seek help.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Note: Off piste skiing should not be attempted without a qualified guide and appropriate safety equipment.